At Vineyard Heights Dental, we understand the stress and inconvenience a dental emergency can cause. That is why our practice emphasizes preventive care to help you avoid these uncomfortable, sometimes expensive experiences. Here are 10 steps we take to guarantee your smile stays healthy:

1. Regular Check-Ups: We suggest getting regular check-ups every 6 months to detect and address problems before they become crises.

2. X-Rays: Our team uses low radiation digital x-rays to detect any oral issues that may go undetected.

3. Cleanings: Our hygienists perform thorough cleanings to keep your teeth healthy, helping prevent plaque or tartar buildup.

4. Fluoride Treatment: Our fluoride treatments strengthen tooth enamel, making it stronger and more resistant to decay and cavities.

5. Oral Cancer Screenings: Our team performs comprehensive oral cancer screenings during check-ups to help detect issues at an early stage.

6. Sealants: We also offer sealants, which is a protective coating that prevents decay and cavities from forming in hard to reach places of the mouth.

7. Root Canals: Our dentists are knowledgeable in performing root canals, an advanced procedure used to save a damaged or decayed tooth before extraction is necessary.

8. Crowns and Bridgework: When other options have failed to save a tooth, our dentists may suggest crowns or bridgework to restore both its health and appearance.

9. Dental Implants: Dental implants provide both a cosmetic solution for missing teeth and preventative measure to help you avoid further damage caused by gaps.

10. Education: We also offer education on proper oral hygiene habits and dietary modifications to better protect your smile in the future from dental emergencies.

At Vineyard Heights Dental, we believe prevention is the key to keeping your smile healthy and avoiding dental emergencies. That’s why our practice emphasizes the 10 steps listed above for lifetime tooth health. If you have any queries or would like to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch today! We look forward to helping you achieve the radiant smile that you deserve!