Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatments may be a great solution for patients with continuous tooth pain.

Teeth that have root canal treatments receive an endodontic treatment to clean out the inside of the root canals, clear away any infected tissue, disinfect the area, and finally seal them closed. This seals off any bacteria which are growing within your teeth from the outside world. Without treatment, this bacteria can travel into the surrounding bone and cause an infection that can spread through your entire jaw. If left untreated for too long, it is possible to develop a life-threatening condition known as osteomyelitis, where the bone tissue starts dying due to a lack of blood supply. This causes extreme pain and swelling and has many other undesirable effects.

This is why we do root canal treatments: to prevent this from happening, and to save your natural teeth! Once you have had a root canal treatment, the tooth will be structurally sound and should not require any further treatment for several decades after the procedure is complete. Your dentist may recommend monitoring these teeth in the future, but usually, this is only necessary if they show signs of infection.

A root canal treatment does two very important things for you: it makes your tooth healthier overall because there are no diseased tissues left behind where bacteria could still be growing, and it stops your teeth from hurting! The pain relief can happen immediately once the tooth has been filled and sealed, but you will get the most benefit from your treatment long-term if you wait at least a few days before chewing on that side of your mouth.

Are you nervous about the procedure? You don’t need to be. Endodontic treatments are very successful at eliminating pain and returning teeth to full function.

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